2017年、札幌からフィールドを移動して、岩見沢市東部地区ホテルメープルロッジ敷地内にある建物をキャンプベースにEnglish campsをスタートします!



まずは子どもたちとのEnglish Camps

1st Long Summer Camp 7/29~8/1 (土~火)

2nd Long Summer Camp 8/5~8/8 (土~火)

Halloween Stay Over Camp 10/21~22(土~日)

Xmas Stay Over Camp 12/16~17(土~日)


Hello friends of Steven's Stable, English Camps!
Do you remember I said "stay tuned" and we will be back with exciting news in a few months. Well... here I am to announce the n
ews! I am proud to announce that our English Kids/Adult Camps are back!
We've been searching for the ideal location and are happy to tell everyone that we've finally found it. we are going to have our English kids/adults camps in Miruto, Iwamizawa from this summer!
We won't have any horses there though... and that is a pity! but who knows? maybe someday I will have again!
Our new campsite has a lot more space which will allow us to have more kids and do a lot of new activities like rafting, tennis, fishing, hiking and a lot of new nature activities! It is surrounded by mountain views, rivers and forests and can't wait to show you around the area. Here is the address:
I am super excited and hope you will be too It is a new place, new life and a new adventure.
Hope to see you all there soon!